TSF Channel / RED4 Features

4K Capture for Web Series? Why?

Still Rocking the Powerful Sony A6000…
Shot at sunrise with two cameras and no crew. A-cam was the Sony A6000 with a Canon FD 28-85mm f/3.5 zoom. B-cam was a Sony NEX-5N with another Canon FD zoom, this time a 75-300mm f/4.5. Premiere CC project settings were at 720P, 23.976, with a Cinemascope ratio. This allowed reframing in post, as needed. Export was at 1080P. Color was a combo of Fast Color Corrector and Lumetri Arri Alexa – SL – Profile. Real simple. Real fast.

I understand the desire for 4K imaging – BELIEVE ME, I DO – !!! But with results like these, is 4K really necessary right now when folks are watching YouTube videos on their smart phones?

Who is using 4K capture for their web series, and why?

Trailer for an upcoming TSF Channel episode, a how-to on modding a firearm, and the resulting change in accuracy.


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